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Despite my all consuming work schedule,i finally caught the show.


altho the script (which includes portraying some erroneous details about

Arabic women) and fashion details were rather disappointing.

A tad “Bimbotic” if u insist on a label.


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Exquisite dress from Prada matched with Miu Miu boots.

What a compliment! Quirky, i like!!

Talking about which, Miu Miu just opened its first ever store in Shanghai.

Great facade and interiors. If you ever drop by Shanghai for the expo, do drop by this dazzling 2 storey store =)


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For many girls, the barbie doll played an immense role in every little girls’ lives including myself.

For Margaux Lange it played a far further role then being a play toy – it continually fuel her creative inspiration as an adult. She has invented the “The Plastic Body Series Jewelry Collection” which was the result her life-long fascination with the “toy”, and a desire to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade, wearable Art. Margaux Lange’s Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection utilizes salvaged Barbie doll parts in combination with sterling silver and pigmented resins.

Saddens me to see my favorite toy having their body decapitated.

Exceptional designs i have to say.

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May Diary.

It has been weeks since i last blogged… erm… kinda think about it i think its longer then that.. OOPPSS!!

Apologies, going through a transition in my life at the moment and ooh yesss… it’s soooo exciting.

I’m moving on an upwards trend…. Weet!!

Well… for atonement i am sharing with you gals 1 of the key trends for s/s 2010 (although s/s is coming to an end but what the heck, its summer all year round here in Singapore. There’s always use for these tips!).

With global warming – sheer, translucent fabrics are coming back stronger then ever. Yup you heard me.

But fret not. its not all about the trashy looking, tight netted see through tops or dresses that scream ‘look at me’ we saw in the 1990s.

its all about bringing out the Egyptian / Arabian princess in ya girls!!

Run your eyes over the Spring / Summer 2010 runway collections (www.firstview.com), you’ll find range of sheer fabrics used in a multitude of ways: layering of sheer fabrics like chiffon, the much sought after delicate printed chiffon to create feminine drapes and body hugging silhouettes revealing a women’s curves without having them look trashy.

For the record. That’s transparent all right.

Prolly the up coming trend in the near future. (Ps: doesn’t this look resembles YSL caged shoe?)

xx … Just a tip since s/s 2010 is reaching its peak …. xx

xx Knee High Boots xx

(from right to left) Loewe, Hermes, Hussein Chalayan, and Louis Vuitton.

now girlies… run along and get your booties now…. xx

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this is the cutest animation ever.

now i want a drwwwagonnnnnn as a pet. I WANT!! pretty pls…

Story Line:

No Slaying Required: A Viking Aids an Enemy and Wins a Friend

This new 3-D feature from DreamWorks Animation — is a fairly standard one, exploring themes that are so familiar in the universe of all-ages cinema that they hardly need elaborating. The hero, a young Viking named Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel), is a misfit adolescent who proves his mettle, pleases his hard-to-please father (Gerard Butler) and saves the world while learning important lessons and rattling off some wisecracks. But the main attractions of the whole show is actually the cute non human sidekick – a jet-black, cat-eyed dragon named Toothless.

In the show, when Hiccup first meet Toothless (a type of dragon especially feared by the Vikings of Berk) he was scared and helpless and had a damaged tail which prevented him from flying. Hiccup then outfits him with a brace and a prosthetic fin and unknowingly, the young man, intuitively decodes the animal’s behavioral patterns, debunking generations of Viking superstition about the bloodthirsty, aggressive nature of dragons while building an unbreakable bond with the non human friend.

The development of the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless is conveyed virtually without dialogue, which reminded me  of “Wall-E”  – which kinda established this trend of “silence” in animated entertainment. As such, allowing a  freedom to create expressive images (often renders words superfluous) but if its accompanied with good music it can at times achieve – exalted cinematic artistry.

Definitely a must watch!!

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Excited & Excited.

looks who’s back – with more DRAMA….more runways pieces …..whooo hooo…and ooh so scandalous…..

ooh sooo exciting…. can’t wait….

so want to know what happens after “you say I DO”….

Holiday in Abu Dhabi i am sure the exquisite pieces will include heaps of silks, chiffon…

i can smell the trend already….

and… have you heard the music on the trailer? so sure that the sound track is going to be sooooooooo GOOD!!!

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Take a Bow.

one of favorites….

so you know i have this thing for bows. I can’t help it. I just love them.

Bows can be used for various reasons as an appliqué which can really soften a rigid structure, to accessorize a plain outfit or room.

Simply love this season’s creation by Kate Sylvester.

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