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These are DSquared.

totally awesome!

*wonder if they can make a customized pair using the bones of people i detest* grim.


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Rainbow after the Rain

In life; beyond the toughest decision & dark days all else will be fine. Eventually.

Through this, we learn to appreciate the ordinary stuffs which we take for granted in our daily routine.

At times we get lost within the chaotic environment we exists in, not by choice but somehow we do get distracted along the way.

Hence, when lost – look back to your inner values and the simple things in life and you will be surprised what they can do for you.

A new revelation in life? probably.

In sum, It’s a matter of mindset.

The key?

To be receptive, somethings just can’t be pushed.

Things will fall into place eventually.

The way i see it?

If you want to see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

*(PS: Look close enough you’ll see the second rainbow above the prominent one in the 2nd photo.)

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Love thyself.

”Never allow someone to be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option”

simple quote, yet its so true.

its indeed a hard hitting life lesson.

The longer we allow ourselves to be taken for granted the harder our self esteem will be trampled on.

It made me realize,

if we give too much to one we might just forget what or who we are.

Never let yourself be taken for granted.

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Hermes Kellys.

Kelly Rutherford for Hermes Kelly Sellier

How Classy.

The Ionic Hermes Kelly bag named after Grace Kelly for her many appearence with it. Grace Kelly was an American Academy award winning actress, in April 1956 she married the Prince of Monaco, she was then referred to as Princess Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

Kelly bags have been sort after by many… and since the introduction of the Kelly Mini and Kelly Cut they have been a regular sighting at black tie and fashion events.

One of my all time favourite.

Someday i am going own one of these or two!

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Givenchy‘s latest luggage ad campaign – Fall / Winter 2010

featuring the perfect combination of black leather and sheer fabric.


did i mention the stunning trio outfitted with a hot racy hair color invention?

how’s that for a contrast?

This oldie has definitely left us longing for more.

now we all have an excuse to travel don’t we?


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Yes i got engaged; to a new job and a business.

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Despite my all consuming work schedule,i finally caught the show.


altho the script (which includes portraying some erroneous details about

Arabic women) and fashion details were rather disappointing.

A tad “Bimbotic” if u insist on a label.

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