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The “IT” place

The refurbished KPO aka ‘Killiney Post Office’ reopened in September 2009. A Street across my workplace, stands this nostalgic looking post office building intertwined with a modern structural design of glass wall pane and steel architecture BBAR & restaurant on the other side.

The two-storey structure feels like a modern home, with comfy sofas strategically placed at the corners, with a greenhouse on the second floor to relieve humidity discomfort from the Singapore weather. interior deco’s pretty stylish however, i would have to say its pretty squeezey in there – if you don’t fancy your bum brushing onto someone’s else, i would clearly recommend you to stay out of this place during Friday and weekends evening. it can get really crowded in there. Distance between one other can be a little too close for comfort.

The place house sophisticated yuppies, party queens and for those who wants to be seen. Cauasian crowd’s usually fills half the population.


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Short Cuts.

xx For pixie gals like myself, what’s best compliment petite silhouettes other then short little dresses in series of Nudes and Greys xx

well the only regret is that i cant gorge myself with too much food while wearing one as you don’t want a bulge to appear at places you least want them to.

introducing my new found favorite label; Hervé Léger.

Hervé Léger pioneered the body-contoured look, which was a huge fashion hit in the ’80s and it didn’t just stop there. This body contouring silhouette has returned to the fashion spotlight in recent seasons. This label was relaunched in 2007 with BCBG designer Max Azria at the helm. His designs are a modern interpretation of the signature bandage dress and have already earned a host of stylish celebrity fans including Kate Bosworth and Keira Knightley. This season, we love the fresh take on the classic curve-contouring dress with batik, optical stripes and color-block prints and luxurious crystal embellishments.

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Coco Molo Loco

Vanessa Paradis has something new to add to a resume that includes world famous model, singer, mother of two, and purveyor of the world’s most gorgeous significant other aka “Mad Hatter” Johnny Depp.

Paradis has been tapped to star in Chanel’s advertising campaign since the early 1990s, She has been a favorite of the brand. In 1992 she was the face of the Coco fragrance campaign, posing in feathers and swinging in a bird cage for the namesake scent. In 2003, Paradis was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel’s Cambon handbag and Chanel’s Mademoiselle handbags in 2005.

2010 is going to implausible year for the French fabulite where she modeled for  the advertising campaign for Rouge Coco de Chanel lipstick and it has just been confirmed that she will be the face of Chanel’s new handbag collection, Coco Cocoon. (which means Bye Bye to Lily Allen). This is her fifth starring role for the French fashion powerhouse, which was started by the legendary figure Coco Chanel in 1910 in Paris.

Coco exploded onto the Parisian fashion and social scenes with her pared down yet effortlessly chic take on womanly fashion… and with her instant-hit invention of the sacred LBD. Credited with changing the fashion landscape and the way women dress for ever, the look of Chanel continues to embody a certain French je ne sais quoi in the most sophisticated of modes.

For an injection of Coco charm this season, why not invest in some nautical stripes and flat ballet pumps for that Left-Bank flair?


xx i heart CHANEL xx

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Reviews have shown that Alice in the Wonderland  – the movie have received up to 200% in popularity the 1st week when the movie was first released. Two distinctive characters in the movie, which really inspired me – Madhatter & Queen of Hearts.

Since young this quirky lil story has always keep me bewildered… it left me thinking if there was really a cake that helps you grow taller if needed too. Well if there was one… I would really wanna get my hands on it. As I grew older, because of the whimsical nature i grew fonder of the story which left me trails of inspiration in everything that I do, be it in Fashion or my designing process. In another words, it kinda shaped my mentality. I keep thinking that made belief can come through, it’s really  how you shape it; how you can make it come true.

This season Miu Miu have injected a series of not-so-pretty insects, whimsical animals print, random objects, motifs and narratives to create a fun and quirky print collection. Well, my point of view? i think its cute! definitely a huge fan of whimsical themed dressing. Don’t you agree that cutsy prints such as over sized poka dots and misregistering a simple graphic can add interest and depth to a print as well?? Marc’ey & Luella did a great job this S/S too!!


Have a great week ahead!

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