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After careful consideration i have decided to resume blogging again. This time my blog will be filled with Fashion related recommendations, events and  articles. so for all you Fashionistas or wannabes out there stay tune!

Reason for the the French Blog Page Name: La Petite Noire Garderobe (Little Black Wardrobe) is because this blog is going to be a like a mysterious closet continuously revealing what’s in trend and interesting within the Fashion realm.(at least Fashion within the continents i am exposed too).

So for Starters…..Ladies… & Gentleman (if there are any reading)…

i would like to present you with the Barbie Range that¬†ASOS has launched!!! What’s more apt to kick of my virgin fashion blog with the two things i love – Fashion and Barbie! (*which explains my header for now.i am looking to personalized my page further!!).

till the next update…

**Remember: fashion fads, style doesn’t**



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